Our Company

At Hartman, we love what we do. What we do is make beautiful woodwork and make it a part of a home or business. Our elegant custom windows and doors are crafted using a variety of the finest hardwood species – mahogany, cypress, oak, and teak. We use only the highest-grade examples of these woods so that our craftsmanship lasts.

Hartman is a family-run business, and we’ve been one for twenty years, working closely with our clients to blend our skill and knowledge with their vision to create something wonderful. Some dreams are more difficult to build than others. Fortunately, we also love a challenge. We don’t shy away from them. We welcome them.

We are at our core a team – a team of craftsmen, engineers, and hardwood nuts with a diverse range and depth of experience that spans all aspects of construction and design. We’ve got mahogany and oak running through our brains nonstop. We thrive on thinking up new ways to improve our products and the methods by which we manufacture them.