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Maintenance. It’s by far the most frequent question we are asked about wood windows & doors. It’s also the biggest misconception. We hear customers say, “I don’t want wood windows and doors. Wood is too much upkeep, too much love and care. I want something I don’t have to maintain!” Well, we are here to show you that it’s easy to care for your products. Really!


The Myth

It’s a myth that there is a window or door product that requires no upkeep. Any product, just like a car, has to be maintained to keep its form and luster as well as operate properly. For example, lack of maintenance on aluminum and clad finishes will result in chalking of finish, oxidation of aluminum, and peeling of paint. Wood too requires a little TLC, and it’s no more difficult to care for!


The Guide

Maintaining your windows and doors just requires some cleaning and a good once-over inspection. Let’s break this down into some easy steps:

1. Clean your windows and doors, including the glass, hinges and handles, with water and mild soap using a clean, soft cloth. Nothing abrasive should be used here – gentle is key. You clean your home, right? So your windows & doors deserve a little attention too!

2. Inspect your windows and doors. Give them a good once-over, paying particular attention to:

-Make sure all the multipoint locking systems are engaged. This prevents any movement in the wood. Spray white lithium grease to lock points to keep them operating smoothly.

-Check the finish for any spots where you might need to repaint or re-stain.

-Look for any worn or damaged components that might need to be replaced.

-Inspect gaskets for proper seating and condition, removing dust and debris as necessary.


That’s it! The point is to clean and inspect regularly so that problems don’t deepen over time. We recommend checking in on your windows and doors every six months, three months for homes located near the water. Cleaning your wood and glass of any debris prevents it from (a) building up and (b) causing scratches. Replacing worn components as soon as possible is important, as damaged components place additional stress on other parts of the product and decrease protection from air and water infiltration.


Our promise

We want you to love your windows and doors, and we stand by our products 100%. We build them with the goal of having you do as little as possible. We want to save you the hassle. And with your protection in mind, we offer an unlimited three-year warranty. We also have a detailed maintenance manual, so please contact us for more information!