STAIN – 1-2-3!

Let’s talk stain! Staining your windows & doors not only enhances the natural elegance of hardwood, but it is also the most important element in protecting your products so they withstand the test of time.

Luckily we use the best-of-the-best to protect and enrich the appearance of our wood. Sikkens Cetol 1 and 23 is a premium three-part system, offering superior alkyd formulation to penetrate and adhere to wood surfaces. The basecoat pigments the wood. The two topcoats provide a translucent stain finish that tones the wood color while incorporating ultraviolet (“UV”) absorbers and transparent iron oxide pigments to screen UV rays. Together these coatings provide the utmost protection and durability as well as a natural finish for the wood. We also offer a wide range of colors to fit your design preferences – elegance and strength, a winning combination.

What is so great about wood is that it only needs a little maintenance to look new forever. Sikkens requires only modest attention. From time to time, there will be areas of your home – depending on exposure to sunlight – that need refinishing. To refinish, sand the unit lightly and apply a clear ‘maintenance’ topcoat to reseal. No stripping, no harsh chemicals. Best of all, with the reapplication of a topcoat, your product will look brand new!

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