All of our products are tested to Miami-Dade product approval code, the highest standards worldwide. This means that our windows and doors: 1) are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions; 2) have enhanced resistance to forced entry; 3) will realize energy savings from reduced air infiltration; 4) help to eliminate ultraviolet rays for protection of fine art and fabrics; and 5) can provide a quieter environment due to enhanced STC ratings.

Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved

  • Large Missile Impact – TAS 201 and ASTM E1886/1996
  • Static Load – TAS 202 and ASTM E330, +60 /-70psf design pressure
  • Cyclic Load – ASTM E1886-1996, +60 /-70 psf design pressure
  • Air – ASTM E283 and TAS 202; 1.57 & 6.24psf. Measured: 0.01cfm, Allowed: 0.30 cfm
  • Water – ASTM E330 / TAS 202; Test pressure 9psf; Measured & Allowed: No Entry